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Not only the best Blowers. For sure we still deliver complete equipment for ventilation into the glass industry. Furnace ventilation, Machine cooling, Tinbath cooling, Combustion air supply, etc.

Allow me to introduce Lauer Ventilation UG. (LV)
We are based in Germany and specialized in designing cooling systems for the glass industries, mainly for the container- and float glass producers. 
LV believes in continuous innovation so that we can provide our customers with ever improving solutions meeting their requirements. We listen to our customers, understand their needs and develop for them, “the right high quality solutions” meeting the needs of our customers, and we are aiming to be a long-time trustable supplier for our customers.
We are a preferred supplier for cooling systems. 
If we have your attention, so please be so kind and prescribe your cooling issues which limit you from reaching your goals. What is troubling you in terms of line speeds, mould cooling or equipment cooling in general? 
How can LV help you? 
Our experiences are accumulated in areas where it is extremely hot and dirty air, example Kuwait + 55 degrees Celsius and dessert storm. So please do not hesitate to contact us, for each cooling trouble, there is a trustful solution which eliminates your performance limitations. 
In cooperation with you and your team, LV can be your core equipment supplier, which complies with the domestic regulations, or LV can be your Project designer and work closely with your local suppliers. 

Reference in Container Glass            

4 complete machine cooling systems for Gulf Glass in Kuwait - delivery and installation in 2016/17

2 complete machine cooling systems for Vidrul in Angola - delivery and installation in 2018/19

Cooling systems for EFF Solutions GmbH at the project furnace B Glashütte Freital GmbH in 2019